Welcome to SMA Empowered

Empower Yourself is a division of SMA (Shizoku Martial ARts limited) and is our community facing division dedicated to the education of our youth in important life skills such as Confidence, Respect, Self belief, Goal setting, Discipline and much more. These lessons are tailor made with a comprehensive Anti-Bullying and Self Defence course that provides our Youth with the tools they need both mentally and physically to succeed in todays challenging world.

The Empowered Kids Life Skills (Mauri tu Mauri ora) program has been specifically developed for students and adults so they can develop and enhance their self-confidence, pro-social skills, resilience, self-respect, self-worth, empowering them through their own strength, feelings, mental and physical wellbeing.  Developing Respect (manaakitanga) and Confidence (Whakamanawa) through games and exercises engage and empower participants. We want people to gain control and make conscious decisions in any situation rather than being subject to reactionary responses.

Why us

A life skill, personal competencies, self defence & resilience development programme focused on the mental and emotional wellbeing of its participants. The programme helps its participants develop anti-bullying toolsets and build a positive, healthy outlook on their personal, education and work environments.